Enterprises need to constantly monitor and measure business performance. The visualization above provides quick access to weekly income indicators. The tables on the left hand side of the screen show dollar income by business group, geographic region, subsidiary companies, and product / service segments.

The large graphic is organized by business groups and the companies that operate within them. The Y axis indicates the weekly dollar income for each company. The thin grey line that extends from each Y axis across the graph indicates the average weekly income for each company. The text above each bar represents the percentage of total weekly income that each company delivered to total income.

Greener bars indicate higher contributions to income; redder bars indicate lower contributions to income.

The time series graph at the bottom of the screen indicates the total income by week for the selected date range. The caption to the left of this graph indicates the average weekly income within the selected date range ($1,266,000) for selected business groups, companies, regions, and product/service offerings.

The table above the time series graph shows weekly income indicators; the weekly income, the dollar variance to the previous week, the dollar variance to average income for the selected date range, and the weekly income index (100 = average).